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SKYBUSINESS.COM/WEBADVERTISING/INDEX80.HTML GREENCARD DV - 2003 Personal website with (PGN format) downloads, Gambit information, Chess problems, an online chess game and more! Site dedicated to competitive chess solving, with results, a calendar of events and gradings. Judit Polgar chess Chess site with links and announcements of special events. News, books, rating, links and many many others Play chess with the world online! Links to very good chess sites. Canada's largest organizer of monthly chess tournaments at the Best Western "Primrose" Hotel in Toronto and a Chess Club on Bayview Avenue 3 days per week! Chathurangam: A comprehensite site on Indian Chess opening tips for clubplayers; link-collection Chess coach of 8 IGM, 2 WIM, 7 IM and other Bernd Rosen's page,
contains training online,
chess puzzles, endgame textbook, books review. News, games and more, updated regulary
by Paul Broekhuijse(Australia) Inside Chess Online, published
by GM Yasser Seirawan. Konstantin Maliszewski Chess Page SanPal chess links page (Небольшое путешествие туда где стоит побывать...)

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