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King`s will for year 2001.

First, the Merlin for year 2001 is Godfather.

Second, the Merlin budget is 350 USD monthly. The Merlin can use money for gladiator-gamemaker structure building, for team attacks vc other internet chess teams, for gifts, webmaster and advertising purposes.

Third, next Merlin blitz tournament will start at December, 01, 2001. Prize fund of 1000 USD.

The triumvirs of Internet Chess Kingdom
Jan, 01 2001

Merlin order for year 2001.
To the all ICK players with a power which given me by Internet Chess Kingdom and the Kingdom triumvirs.

First, all chess players are equal to become gamemaker or gladiator, to earn money from chess art, to take part in my army.

To become gamemaker chess player must have 800 fF rating or better.

To become gladiator chess player must have 700 fF rating or better and get 2 or more points in 10 games match vc Merlin.

Ask for grades to Merlin e-mail.

Second, every gamemaker win vc "stranger" I pay 0.2 USD.

Every gladiator win vc "stranger" I pay 0.5 USD.

Third, I ask for 5 strong chess player army to start internet conqueror immediately.

The Merlin,
Jan, 02 2001