New ICK Champiomchip formula.

First of all we need to say that our strategical aim is to do the internet chess more popular that usual chess. On this way we have all opportunities as we need. So, we start develop internet chess tournament system from easy steps to high level like world championships etc. Our main principle is professional work.

So, today we present new ICK Championship formula. Look at the picture. I seem it is very easy to understand the main principle of the Champiomship.
1. First circle is the Public Tournament with free for all participation. We decide for 1000 and more participants and we shall provide standard ICK rules. The winners of the public tournaments can play next circle.
2. Several half-finals, 32 participants each with ICK system of start games. ICK members can take place in this events also (so, public winners and ICK members).
3. Final circle. 32 players, Olympic system. ICK members who played half-final and became half-winner would take part in final part if it will be a place up to 32 participants.
We provide two nominations for Championship.
1.Short time control tournaments (one hour per game).
2.Long time control championship (48 days per 40 moves and 24 days to the very end).

Every player may send any propositions and entry form to chess administrator.All potential sponsors and advertising clients, please, send yours propositions to Arbiter