Internet Chess Kingdom Constitution.

This is Internet Chess Kingdom Constitution.

The ICK is a state with more than 20000 citizens, all citizens are chessplayers. Any alien chessplayer can get ICK citizenship, this is free, of course. Fill a registration form and You become one of us. You will get some rights as so to play on-line, to take part in internet tournaments, to win prizes, to get a fFG rating, to make internet chess carrier.

Every citizen have a right to become a gamemaker. Gamemaker is a ICK servant who serve for kingdom by playing chess vc aliens and citizens. To pretender for gamemakership have to graduate 10 games vc gladiator and take 20%, to have a possibility for blitz playing on-line no less 4 hours per day and have a rating no more 1000 fFG (no less 2300 Elo). Then gamemaker earn a fee of 0.1 USD for each game he win vc aliens and citizens. To become a gamemaker a pretender have to call every gladiator from gladiator list for match and graduate.
Gladiators are the warriors of internet chess kingdom. They have to play vc aliens and citizens who want play commercial games with money awards if aliens or citizens deposit a money in ICK bank, to play vc graduating gamemakers and have fFG rating no more than 700 fFG (no less 2450 Elo). Every win of commercial games vc citizens and aliens is +2.5 USD for gladiator fee. To become a gladiator gamemaker have to win 75% in every current gladiator blitz tournament (and chessplayer includes in gladiator list).

Every year gladiators gather for big blitz tournament and the winner of this event becomes Merlin. Merlin is a best warrior of the Kingdom. The King made ICK and own it. Merlin has a fee of 50% of money he wins.

                 King residential e-mail for questions

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