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Welcome to ICK BLiTZ Room!

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We are glad to present to all chessplayers our new professional BLITZ Room.
Take a look on money betting possibility we add for strong players. For play money game chessplayer need to send deposit on his/her money account on our chess server. We accept e-gold, webmoney and noo, credit cards and bank wires also. Attention. We recommend to use Noo Web System as your virtual bank, this system pay monthly interests and it is easy to use for several sites also. So,
  • you can open account at Noo WS
  • make deposit in Noo WS with credit card, bank wire, e-gold, webmoney under your Noo WS login (option invest)
  • use exchange office for transfer funds from Noo WS to ICK chess site
  • minimum withdraw amount on ICK and Noo WS is 50 USD with cheque, e-gold or webmoney

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