Frolov Chess World Championship

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Frolov Chess Champ will start at  April 01, 2005 and will be finished at June 01, 2005. The place of competition is  of Internet.
  • Every Frolov chess player could participate in Championship.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • Every participant have to play min 20 opponents (min 10 white and 10 black games).
  • Time control is 8 minutes plus 3 seconds per game (BLITZ). Players set time by themselfs before starting a game.
  • Winners. World Champion and Vice-World Champion.
  • Three money Awards from our sponsor Noo Web Systems in noo units, first is 50000 noo, second is 30000, third is 20000.

Attention! Championship pro-longed till August 01, 2005