Frolov Chess

Frolov Chess.

Not a secret, that the usual chess is enough artificial phenomenon, this thing is the constraining factor of development of the chess game as areas of human activity. Offered by the Ukrainian chess player Artur Frolov the variant of chess game is much more dynamical. The usual chess is a special case of a Frolov chess.

1. Essence of game. The chess game in a Frolov chess consists of two stages, the first stage this serial exhibiting of pieces to a board by the players, white begins. When all 32 figures appear on a board, the play stage of the game starts, as in a usual chess, where the purpose - mate to the king of the opponent.

2. How to expose pieces? The partners expose the pieces serially on any free fields, thus the piece can be put on any point, and pawn only on a horizontal from 2 up to 4 for white pawns, and from 7 up to 5 for black pawns. Actually, it is all rules of exhibiting of pieces, the pieces can be exposed with check or even mate, and also the king can be exposed under check, and even " to give check " to the king of the opponent.

3. When all is placed. Naturally, after a stage of exhibiting of pieces on a board, first move, as well as in a usual chess, for white. If white have an opportunity to mate or at once to take the enemy king (including by the king), the game at once comes to an end by their victory. But take the enemy king white can only in the event that their own king by the same move does not get under check.
Sometimes, there can be a curious phenomenon, which we have named " mate with the king ", when black attack by the protected king to the white king, and following move the Whites can not avoid a presence of the king under check - that is victory for black. As well black should keep up, that to their king was not announced with check, so it will result in his possible(probable) capture by the first move, if in black move will not put one of exposed piece to check to the white king.

4. It is a little of recommendations. It is rather obvious, that the kings are necessary for exposing right at the end of a exposing stage, differently there can be most unpleasant consequences, precisely also it is necessary try to expose at first pawns and pieces, and later queen and king. Especially this recommendation concerns to Blacks, as the awkwardly exposed queen right at the beginning of a game can become easy victim of the opponent. The game is dynamical enough and in some cases, is especial if the strong contenders play, the game carries from the very beginning as combination, with a plenty of accounting positions, tactical struggle, complications. We consider that the chess player which has got acquainted with a Frolov chess, not only will grow fond of this game, but also in a usual chess it will add in sense of tactical sight. It is an opinion, that the Frolov chess is the naked account, it at all so, the basic principles of logic and understanding work and here, well and theory... The theory while is not present, and that it in due course will be, yes, we do not doubt, gives to this new game the special colour, as versions infinite logically of puzzles.

By all of good luck on new horizons!

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