We are glad to present to all chessplayers our new professional BLITZ Room. Take a look on money betting possibility we add for strong players. For play money game chessplayer need to send deposit on his/her money account on our chess server. Attention. We recommend to use Noo Web System as your virtual bank, this system pay monthly interests and it is easy to use for several sites also. So,
  • you can open account at Noo WS
  • make deposit in Noo WS with credit card, bank wire, e-gold, webmoney under your Noo WS login (option invest)
  • use exchange office for transfer funds from Noo WS to ICK chess site
  • minimum withdraw amount on ICK and Noo WS is 50 USD with cheque, e-gold or webmoney.

Rules of Frolov Chess Games (Russian text)

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What you need to know about our server.

Dec 5, 2017 Server maintain new soft for Frolov chess.

Jan 3, 2003 GHF and FHF prolonged again till Mar 01, 2003. Attention, players! Last one!

May 30, 2001 Gold Half Final starting at June 01, 2001. Time for game: 48 days per 40 moves and 20 days to the very end. 250 best ICK players. 32 places to ICK Final, 5 money awards.

Mar 01, 2001
World Open Liga of Fighters


The absolutely new tradition of Internet Chess was found on ICK.
The name of this event is World Open Liga of Fighters (WOLF). WOLF is chess game for money in the internet. Both opponents bet $10 and the winner double this amount for him.
Easy, fast and strong.
How does it work?
-You have to be the eternal member of ICK or one of EPT winner first,
-Then you could start WOLF game or accept existing game with black,
-Play with EPT rules and earn money,
-the system will debit and credit your money account automatically.
One note: the eternal membership costs USD 55 on ICK (or USD 61.2 if to pay with credit card). Then you become a member you get 10 USD on your money account to test a WOLF. You can add money to your account (if needs) with same procedure as membership (once of USD 55 per 3 days). So,
Methods to add money to ICK bank account
Systemaccount (keeper)
Noo WS1000
It is easy. Make transfer and contact ICK arbiter
  World Open Liga of Fighters start at  March 01, 2001. The place of competition is http://chess.kiev.ua  of Internet.
Every chess players who are member of ICK can take part of the WOLF.
Every player have to bet 10 USD to play one game.
Time control is 1 hour per game for each player to the very end. Game start when Black do his first move.
The winner of the game get 19 USD, the loser get nothing.
If draw then white get 9 USD, black get 10 USD. Standart rules of ICK.  

Jan 17, 2001
First Half-Final of ICK Champ will start at  Feb 01, 2001 and will be finished at May 01, 2001. This tournament is a second stage of ICK Champ. The place of competition is http://chess. kiev.ua  of Internet.
20 best fFG rated players and up to 12 eternal members can play this tournament.
Participation is free of charge.
Every participant have to play min 20 opponents (min 10 white and 10 black games).
Time control is 1 hour to the very end for each player. Game start when Black do his first move.
Winners. 4 players with best per cent will become a winners of FHF and will get an opportunity to play in Final Part of the ICK Champ.
Standart rules of ICK.  
Personal staff.
1 jurek 119
2 SanPal 212
3 Oncidiums 222
4 Macks 230
5 ed 278
6 vgn 286
7 Ira 308
8 engineer 336
9 juliop 348
10 ILOVEU 424
11 kmarijus 446
12 KosTa 453
13 Godfather 495
14 SANGES 538
15 alex777 553
16 chessjunk 561
17 Prinz 590
18 antep 601
19 chessrobo 604
20 jat(FM) 620
Three money awards, first is 250 USD, secons is 150 USD, third is 100 USD.

Jan 06, 2001 New teams from foreign clubs! Ask the the Merlin about time and place of match. Proposition is 5 boards, EPT time control.

Jan 02, 2001 IC King will and Merlin order for year 2001.

Blitz Room Entry
Millenium ICK blitz

  • Start at December,01 2000
  • Finish at January,01 2001
  • Time control 10 min+10 sec/move to each chess player
  • Any games number, no less tnen 20 to be qualified
  • Only winner, prize of USD 100 and Merlin title
    for one year 2001
  • Winner conditions: best fFG blitz rating
    at January 01, 2000

Oct 16, 2000 Michael Golubev: World Chess News in Ukraine

June 27, 2000 Arthur Frolov: I started to write a book.

June 17, 2000 Look for new ICK Championship formula.

Feb 15, 2000 "First Internet Chess Tournament" started at Feb 10, 2000. Participation is free of charge. Total prize fund prospects is 2500 USD, depends of players number (for 1000 chessplayers). Everybody can join till June 01, 2000.

Member of the Chess Masters